09 May 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

<---Yes, the actual Bowl of Coffee Bowl Browsing!

Presumably, one of the reasons people want to immigrate to the U.S. is to enjoy our tradition of natural rights, including the right of free expression.  But, as we all know, when natural rights conflict with The P.C. Cause of the Moment, rights take a hike.  

On the cheap gracelessness of the New Atheists. . .David Hart puts the smackdown on this generation's Barbie Unbelievers "The principal source of my melancholy, however, is my firm conviction that today’s most obstreperous infidels lack the courage, moral intelligence, and thoughtfulness of their forefathers in faithlessness."

Weekly Standard:  "Why does the Obama administration find it so hard to utter the words ‘terrorism’ and ‘jihad’ and ‘Islamic extremism’?"  Because, like most postmodern relativists/nominalists, B.O. believes that words magically create reality. . .

Polling opinion on the Supreme Court:  Americans don't want a more liberal Court.  NB.  the poll doesn't ask respondents to define "liberal," so it is not entirely clear what this info means.

B.O.'s Attorney General says that the new AZ anti-illegal immigrant law is not motivated by racist ideology.  

A poem by Pablo Neruda:  "I Do Not Love You"

The Game of Kings. . .with booze!

Goat hooves, a gold revolver, and footwear. . .High Caliber Fashion!

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  1. Game of Kings - The "chess" players setting up the game must have been drunk. The lower left (and top right) square on the chessboard should be black!