14 May 2010

A few updates. . .

Finally!  There is some positive movement on the Summer Plans front. Not all is doom and gloom.  Deo gratis.

French translation exam tomorrow afternoon. . .please, get those prayers heading heavenward.  I'm gonna need them.  If I pass the exam, I will move on to the oral/written exams and the defense of the thesis.

Thanks for the activity on the Wish List.  I will have a nice stack of new material to keep me and the squirrels busy while visiting the parentals.

I'm still drinking the Apple Cider Vinegar solution.  It has allowed me to skip the evening meal w/o getting a low blood sugar headache.  I've not really been able to test out its anti-sweating effects.  The weather here has been cool and cloudy.

Nice side effect of skipping dinner:  I'm sleeping much, much better.

Podcasting News:  since 4/19 there have been 510 homily downloads.  Mille grazie.

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  1. From the sounds of it, I'm going to be requesting the prayers of St. Joseph of Cupertino on your behalf. (He had a little trouble with foreign languages, too, as I recall.)

  2. Anonymous5:26 PM

    "Deo gratis."

    You mean "Deo gratias" :)

  3. sigh...there's one on every blog...


  4. Sharon11:29 PM

    Anonymous, are you a fan of "Eats Shoots and Leaves"?

  5. Hoping the exam went well.