19 April 2010

Novice of the SDP. . .Congrats Rudy!

Congratulations to Mr. Rudy Barba of El Paso, TX!  Rudy was admitted to the Southern Dominican Province's novice class of 2011 over the weekend.  He and his novice classmates will begin their novitiate in Irving, TX sometime in August.  I will post a pic of the full class once one is available from our vocations promoter.

Rudy is a former student of mine from U.D.  He was given the arduous task of being my campus ministry intern, i.e. "the one who made sure my over-caffeinated squirrel brain was focused just enough to get something done."  Rudy is a good friend, and now he will be a great brother!

Please pray for him and his novitiate brothers. . .

As you can see from this pic, Rudy possesses the most telling characteristic of any Dominican friar. . .he likes to eat!  However, he is too skinny to be entirely trusted.  ;-)
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    (Bout time.)

  2. Got a chuckle from this post! During my days at St Mary's in New Haven, CT, a friend and I used to joke that the Dominican motto should be LAUDARE, BENEDICERE, PRAEDICARE, MANGIARE. :-)

    Congrats to Rudy, too!

  3. Congrats to Rudy!

    Also, pls keep the U.S. Eastern Dominican Province in your prayers. I hear the province is expecting 20-25 novices for next year's class! :)


  4. Yay, Rudy!!!! Congrats!!!!

    P.S. Philip, if Rudy becomes a priest, he might take your place as my favorite priest to annoy. I hope this doesn't insult you, it's just that as my best friend, it's his right. :)