20 April 2010


My summer plans have blown up in my face.

Starting from scratch. . .@#$%!

UPDATE:  looks like a solution is in the works. . .

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  1. Our God is a God of surprises!

    It often seems that He pops up out of no where and hits us with a pie in the face. Most often "humble pie."

  2. I'm on my third round of that myself. There are some drawbacks to transitioning to a new bishop. Prayers that all ends well for you.

  3. I hope you'll still be able to teach the UD classes. I'm looking forward to Science and Religion.

  4. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Maybe the Lord is telling you to look into the open Resident Psychologist position at the North American College. (You're already in Rome, afterall...)

  5. Gregory, right now, the class is still on! I will try to figure something out.

    Anon., I'd love to be a NAC psychologist. . .unfortunately, I'm not trained in psychology. My time as a psych hospital team leader was limited to milieu work not clinical work.

  6. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Have you noticed that the fallout is beginning for the public divisive and dissenting stand the vapid, graying LCWR-type nuns took against the Church's position on the health plan? One Bishop is withdrawing his hospital from the CHA and another has refused to allow one of those communities, the Srs. of St. Joseph of Baden PA to condict their receruitmenrt program in his diocese. He noted that a hotbed of dissent is not the appropriate place to entrust young vocations! The Sisters are acting "surprsiewd" and "sad" over this! Give me a break. Let's hear more about this and lend the bishops our support. I'm surprised you didn't cover this, Father.

  7. And all is well... :) ?

  8. Sorry to hear that, Father! Hope things work out well for you. ;)