20 April 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

On conflating anti-government political movements:  anti-democracy vs. anti-Big government, or "Timothy McVeigh was no Tea Partier"

Rhode Island's bishop, Rt. Rev. Thomas Tobin orders his hospital to withdraw its membership from the pro-ObamaCare Catholic Hospital Association. 

Bishop Brant of Greensburg, PA refuses to allow dissenting sisters a place in his upcoming diocesan vocations promotional material.  The Sisters of St Joseph in his diocese were signatories on the pro-ObamaCare letter NETWORK. 

Yes, it is still dangerous to be TOO Catholic in some seminaries. . .no worries, though. . .the clock is ticking on the Burlap Vestments & Felt Banners Hegemony.

Mahony throws the Nazi Card when describing the recently passed immigration reform law in AZ.  Yea, that helps. 

Unable to find any anti-Tea Party protesters at a T.P. rally, the local "news" station creates a few

A very weird way to die. . .

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  1. thought you would enjoy this:


  2. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Re: "Mahony throws the nazi flag"

    That's the reason the "exterminate all unborn babies" media libels and slanders Pope Benedict while tacitly praising Mahony who actually committed crimes - cover-ups, transfers, etc.

  3. Interesting, no? Mahony can throw the Nazi flag and no one bats and eyelash (for the most part) but Cantalamessa says it and there is outrage. Not suggesting Cantalamessa's comments were correct or prudent, just interesting...