19 April 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

U.S. reputation on the rise in the rest of the world. . .given the state of the rest of the world, this is not news to celebrate.  I wonder if the rest of the world realizes that the American foreign aid goodie baskets they are addicted to will disappear when the U.S. economy collapses.  

The Left needs racism. . .here's why.  This is not to suggest that there are no genuine racists out there; there are.  But no one takes these yahoo's seriously, so they don't serve the Left's purpose in smearing your average conservative American voter as a racist.

I haven't commented on the latest circus antics of Chicago's Fr. Hollywood b/c there's little doubt I could manage to keep from cussing. 

HA!  Great letter to the editor. . .from a drunken sailor.  (H/T:  Chris Johnson)

Folks, please, be very, VERY careful with stuff like this.  Remember:  Jesus himself said that he doesn't know the day or time of his return.  If Jesus doesn't know, we don't either.

In Malta, the Holy Father calls the Church a "wounded sinner."  For those who know nothing about the Church (e.g. the media), this sounds like a monumental confession.  Those of us in the Church know that this a long-standing and perfectly accurate description.  

B.O. tells California voters that Barbara Boxer might lose her Senate seat in 2010.  Ah, that's a shame.  Frankly, I think Babs needs a break.

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  1. funnily enough, I just had that conversation about racism with a very nice older black gentleman patient of mine. our solution? teach our kids to a) take people as people and b) he said to remember that black people aren't the only ones in the world ever been slaves. and as much as [they] claim racism, too many talk bad about Hispanics and Native Americans etc.

    oh yeah, and one day you really should let loose and really tell us how you feel about fr Hollyweird.....just for grins. Podcast it...I'd bet that Mississippi twang comes out nice and strong! ;-)

  2. Dennis10:32 AM

    Gotta buy that sailor a beer. That was good.