23 April 2010

Being a woman is no guarantee. . .

"If only women could be priests, we wouldn't have all this abuse and these cover-ups!"

Well, women can be priests in the Episcopal Church. . .and, sorry, but it appears that being a woman doesn't magically guarantee moral certitude or intestinal fortitude:

According to the Miami New Times, “When parents discovered the man’s criminal record, [the Rev.] Allen-Faiella failed to take immediate action, so the school’s principal, Carol Shabe, forcefully confronted the pastor, demanding that the man’s school access be revoked at once….” According to the report, the school principal had to ask Allen-Faiella two more times to take Sypnieski’s keys away from him before Allen-Faiella would take action. Parents and donors withdrew support for the school in reaction to the pastor’s behavior; and Pastor Allen-Faiella fired the school principal Carol Shabe later that year for “divisiveness.”

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  1. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Whenever the comparison to other institutions comes up, someone gets indignant about faithful Catholics changing the subject. Well, that would be true if they stuck to the facts like, "x priest did y, and z bishop put him in therapy and then shuffled him to another parish without warning anyone; therefore x priest should be laicized, excommunicated and turned over to the cops and bishop z should at the very minimum lose his office." But nooooooooo. 99.9% of these stories go, "x priest did y, and z bishop covered it up and OMG TEH POPE IS A HITLER YOUTH AND IT'S ALL CAUSED BY CELIBACY AND A MALE ONLY PRIESTHOOD!!!11! RAWR!"

  2. Ah, yes, "Divisiveness."

    That was Rembert Weakland's all-time favorite term.