26 February 2010

Quick Updates

Mama Becky recently got out of the hospital. . .again, pneumonia.  She reports feeling better than ever.  Continued prayers much appreciated.

French classes start for yours truly Monday afternoon.  

I've been offered a summer class at U.D.  Second term:  "Western Theological Tradition."

Still waiting on a gallery copy of the second prayer book.  It's due out May 2010.

First Niece is doing very well with her Sylvan tutoring.  Much like her uncle did at her age, she's battling the demonic hordes of the fiend, Math.

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1 comment:

  1. You have prayers!

    To quote St. Augustine, "Quapropter bono christiano, sive mathematici, sive quilibet impie divinantium, maxime dicentes vera, cavendi sunt, ne consortio daemoniorum animam deceptam, pacto quodam societatis irretiant."

    (The fun translation: "The good Christian should beware the mathematician and all those who make empty prophecies. The danger already exists that the mathematicians have made a covenant with the devil to darken the spirit and to confine man in the bonds of hell.") Mathematician=astrologer then, more or less.