24 February 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

One of the most important ecumenical projects for this century will be the defense of religious freedom in the U.S. against the constant assaults of anti-religious bureaucrats.  

Oregon repeals ridiculous law forbidding public school teachers from wearing distinctive religious garb. 

Campus speech codes and the decay of language:  prosecuting the innocent to push an agenda.

If a doctor can bring himself to perform an abortion, should we surprised when we find out that he is a ghoul?   Evil twists wisdom to folly.

Zombies may be undead. . .but there's no good reason why they should be under-dressed.

As a staff member of a psych hospital, I frequently had to deal with patients who believed that they were Jesus.   I once asked a shrink if psych patients in Asia ever claimed to be the Buddha.  He was not amused.  This link is for him

Why are Israeli "art students" working so hard to sell their wares to DEA agents?  Weird.

There are many things that I will never caught dead doing.  This is in the top five.

U.S. hires the Borg to design and build a new $1 billion embassy in the U.K.  Apparently, when it comes to indulging the temptation to spend taxpayers money during a recession, B.O. says, "Resistance is futile."

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