22 February 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

I have a list of airports that I will not use--O'Hare, JFK, Miami, and Heathrow is edging its way onto the list.  Now I will have to add any airport using full body scans.  Curious:  will they have Extra Roomy Scanners for us full-figured passengers?  You know, like those open MRI machines?

Dude!  Pass the Spirit of Vatican Two peace bong!  Does this pic help explain what happened to the council?

Warning:  do not click this link if you are serious about Lent this year!

How do you say "cheese-eating-surrender-monkeys" in Dutch?

Tradition has it that Dominican wear their rosaries on the left side of the OP habit as a replacement for the knight's sword.  I wonder if a holstered .38 would be appropriate on the right side?

Technology put to the best use possible.

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  1. Ah yes, the 'Spirit of Vatican II Peace Bong' makes another appearance on HancAquam. You made my day, Father.

  2. Anonymous12:45 PM


    I have two total knee (titanium) replacements. I get frisked every time they make me fly for work. I drive when I can.

    What to do?

  3. EVH, get frisked or don't fly! ;-)

    I travel with a CPAP machine and usually my laptop...both have to be completely unpacked and the CPAP gets swabbed every time.