26 February 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Scary:  "Presidential emergency powers" is a phrase we are used to hearing used by Third World junta thugs not from the U.S. Congress. 

56% say that the government is the biggest threat to American civil rights.  See above.

Zombies and the First Amendment!  Stumbling towards the Apocalypse.

A dangerous rhetorical shift:  "freedom of religion" vs. "freedom of worship."  Yes, it matters.  A great deal. 

A victory for free speech and free exercise in a public school.  Yes, it can still happen.

Judge calls priestly celibacy "cruel."  Of course, we all know that the real cruelty here is the idiocy of this judge. 

I'm sure that this clock is a metaphor for some important philosophical concept. . .just not sure which one.  Maybe the "fallacy of non-indexical allusion"?  Uh?

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  1. this government is very very scary!!

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