26 February 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Anti-Catholic bigot and movie-maker, Roland Emmerich, is being sued by the archdiocese of Rio de Janiero for using their iconic Jesus statue in his movie, 2012.   This is the coward who admitted that he didn't portray the destruction of any Muslim sites in his disaster movie b/c he feared violent retaliation.  Maybe if he loses this suit he'll think twice about his gutlessness.

Experiment in totalitarianism is FL school.  Not mentioned in the report is whether or not students on either side of the "wall" were allowed to practice their faith openly.

Report on religion blogs. . .alas, HancAquam didn't make the list.  Sigh.

The necessity of Vatican Two. . .well-balanced and insightful article. 

Reform of the reform?  NB.  The liturgical document from VC2, Sacrosanctum Concilium calls for a renewal not a reform of the liturgy.  The difference btw the two words and their use in context is significant.

For geeks everywhere:  why I don't have a girlfriend.

More Japanese weirdness.  These guys have very creative minds.

Ticket to Hell?  Well, a ticket to the Art World Doghouse at the very least.  While touring the museums of Greece last year, U.D. students were constantly reminded by the docents not to pose with the statues.  Apparently, such a thing is considered disrespectful.  Now I know why.

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  1. A good article on VII.

    "the nonparticipation of many of the faithful. People in the pews would say their rosaries or do private prayers and devotions during the Mass"

    Although I love the EF Mass that is the big difficulty I have with its widespread reintroduction.

  2. ummm, father, forgive me....but I laughed uproariously at that last picture.

    points given for creativity

    points docked for respect...

  3. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Crux Fidelis, while it would be excellent if all the laity participated directly in the Mass by actually praying the Mass, it is still better for them to be praying something (ie the Rosary) than not praying at all. By making the perfect the enemy of the good, we have filled our pews with zombies who show up for an hour, sing some mindless ditties and nap through the homily.

    If nothing else, at least all those rosaries helped the Poor Souls.

    Anthony OPL

  4. Anonymous10:21 AM

    When I first read the Rio entry I thought how could the diocese have a case. I didn't realize that they do indeed hold the copyright for the statue.

  5. The idea that praying the Rosary or some other private devotion is somehow "not participating" in the Mass is a canard that just needs to stop being recycled.

    It's simply not true that you can't "participate" if you aren't aping the priest and muttering his prayers under your breath.

    And, when you're juggling children, meditating on the Sorrowful Mysteries is a most salutary way of atively participating in the Mass.

  6. The restaurant is Taiwanese, btw. I can read a few characters, and two of them say "American Food." Urk...

  7. What a waste of time, effort and credibility by the Archdiocese of Rio de Janiero. From what I've been able to find, Brazil has similar fair use copyright law to the US, which means that private works photographed from public land may be used without permission assuming they are not otherwise reserved or trademarked. How about using all those resources to drive home to fact that we believe in a God bigger than statues and temples?