23 January 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Lord, when will the embarrassing revelations end?  More IPCC goofs.

Creepy Scientologists in Haiti touching people. . .I'd have to shout, "Boundaries!"

Two words that make me very, very nervous:  "regime change."

Video on the origins and purpose of campaign finance reform. . .I think it's more complicated than this, but the Supreme Court's decision to strike down McCain-Feingold seems right to me.

Mutually Assured Destruction for both the Dems and the GOP:  eliminating the filibuster.  The GOP tried it in 2005, now the Dems think it's a good idea.  Think again.

Leftist media rage over the U.S. Supreme Court decision against McCain-Feingold is basically a confession:  The People are too stupid to make their own decisions.  When I was a dependable academic lefty, the idea that the Great Unwashed Masses were too stupid to govern themselves was dogma. 

I'll confess: snakes turn me into a squealing little girl. . .even movies/vids featuring snakes make me tremble.  Spiders?  Not so much.  Watch this guy try to corral Big Mama Spider-san.  Hilarious.

Ship in a bottle?  Impressive.  Ship in a bottle sculpted out of snow?  Awesome!

On the many uses of empty beer bottles:  not just for bar fights anymore!

The latest eco-friendly craze:  re-purposing.

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  1. Australina Huntsmen spiders aren't dangerous (I can't speak about any other country's spiders). We just scoop them into a container and put them outside.

  2. Victoria, you just used the word "huntsmen" to describe a spider. It might not hurt me, but it would cause me to hurt myself...cf. the vid.