21 January 2010

The difference btw the Male and Female Mind

Risking life and limb, I give you the difference between the male and female mind:

Dispute it, if you dare!

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  1. A Seminarian3:11 AM

    On a semi-related note, have you seen this article in First Things?


  2. btw I sent you a couple questions via facebook message.....

  3. I don't dispute at all. I agree that God created woman to multi-task. That enables us to be pregnant, nurture other babies, toddlers, children, husband, and our parents and grandparents. All the while, cooking, doing the laundry, vacuuming, driving everyone hither/thither and yon, and talking on the telephone, and perhaps working full time.
    IOW, we do it all, while man does...what? Hunt? Perhaps, God made man only able to do one thing like hunt, so he can really focus. I don't know. Why would God create man like He did?

  4. No, Father. The difference between men and women is this: men like The Three Stooges.

  5. So would love to attempt to dispute it, but at least from my experience it's pretty much accurate!

  6. OK, I'll bite. I disagree.

    I am a woman. If I have to set up a DVD or computer or sound system...I'm completely helpless.

    When I look at the pic you posted, I see dials and all kinds of stuff the men I know would LOVE.

    What do I want? on/off.

    What do men want? How do they think? I don't know, I can't figure out all the ridiculous connections they make that require 5 kinds of remotes to operate 3 different systems some of which require the support of other systems.

    Sorry, I look at that pic...it's the other way around.

    But then again...I'm being over-analytical again...

  7. Anonymous12:57 PM


    Your observation would seem to validate the picture's distinction of our complementary natures: that men are fascinated by the complex and intricate "woman" with all the extra features, while woman prefer the essentially binary "man".

    Memphis, TN

  8. Anonymous4:16 PM

    I think you've oversimplified the matter!


  9. One dispute - not enough buttons and dials on the woman's control panel.

    [runs from room]

  10. Yep. It illustrates perfectly the female tendency to needlessly complicate things.

    Now excuse me, I have to go make up the sofa where I'll be sleeping tonight.

  11. I've seen the same image referred to as "the difference between male and female sex drives"

  12. I've seen that image referred to as the differences between getting "in the mood"

  13. Anonymous8:14 PM


    Great comments!

  14. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Additionally, the female is more deadly than the male. See Kipling.

    I know. I've been married for 31 years - best three weeks of my life!

    I'm old enough to remember priests that gave sermons on hell. I was not married then. Now, I often think about priests teaching about hell. They were expounding on a subject with which they had absolutely no experience. A married man on the other hand . . . talk about vale of tears.

    I know women that were expelled from the gestapo for cruelty.

    I'm making jokes, sorry.

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  16. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Excellent demonstration of natural complimentarity.

  17. Note to my fellow males:

    While it looks like a big electronic thingamabob with all sorts of features and something you can play with at your whim, there is NO remote control for the woman. Try to adjust the woman at your own peril -- she might just give you one big shock instead!