21 January 2010

Sylvan tutoring?

My brother and his wife are considering sending one of my nieces to a Sylvan Learning Center for tutoring.  She's smart and capable but completely unengaged and uninspired at her public middle-school.

Anyone have any experience with Sylvan? 

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  1. Fr. I have all sorts of learning disabilities. Because of the skills I learned at Sylvan I was able to graduate with a Masters and with excellent grades.

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  3. Jennifer10:33 AM

    I am a huge advocate of Sylvan. As a former teacher, my best job (other than Sunday school teacher) was tutoring and then working as a Director of Education at Sylvan. Their success rate is very high and they provide a really positive and self-motivating environment.

    Of course, your brother & SIL need to understand, is she unengaged because the school is bad or because she doesn't have the skills to cope with middle school life. Middle school is a huge transition. If your niece is on grade level but just can't handle the hustle/bustle of middle school, Sylvan may help with study skills (which is a GREAT program) and coping strategies, but they may need to look into other schools.

  4. She could be bored with her classes because they aren't challenging enough for her...