24 January 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

National Book Critics award nominees announced.  I'm only familiar with three of the poets (Louise Gluck is one of my top ten living American poets) and none of the rest.  Been out of the lit business too long.

Ed Driscoll has a great round-up of various "They Warned Us He Wasn't Ready" essays.

More on the difference btw men and women.  This time it's the difference btw husbands and wives.

On recruiting Islamic terrorists in the U.K.

A Brit visits the Platonic Form of All American Mega-Churches:  Saddleback Church.  Takeaway immpression?  ". . .the butt end of Christianity: stripped of history and icon­ography, wholly immersed in its secular surroundings. . ."  Ouch.  The writer notes that research indicates that communities like Saddleback are the future of American religion.  Wrong.  They are just the latest fad.  When a church polls its "market" and relies on "occasional attenders," things will not go well in the future.

Is voodoo the answer to Haiti's problems or the cause? 

BXVI to priests:  "Blog, Fathers!  Blog!"  Been there, doing that since 2005, Your Holiness.  :-)

Sister Mary and Sister Martha buy some beer. (via New Advent)

Death Wish:  on why we in the West are obsessed with apocalyptic scenarios.  Apparently, global warming and global jihad are the two dominant scenarios at the moment.  No mention of the Zombie Apocalypse. . .no doubt the Zombies are paying this guy off to keep quiet.

Apostolic Visitator asks sisters to cooperate with her mission.  NB.  don't read the comments if you are easily provoked by nonsense.

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  1. Anonymous8:04 AM


    My biggest problem with Obama is economic.

    I'm going bankrupt buying batteries for my Obama bullcrap decoder ring.

  2. maryclare8:20 AM

    Dear Fr P,
    Isn't it about time you mosied (can't spell sorry! but you know what I mean)over to the Apostolic Visitation site (previous link) and put them straight. There are some really poisonous comments in there.
    What are these Sisters afraid of? This spirit of discord and descention is not of God. If they cannot be faithful to their vows and obedient to Mother Church what else is left but to dispense them from their vows. Are they still Catholic or indeed christian even?
    Regards maryclare :-)

  3. Regarding the apocalyptic fascination, it seems to me that a large part of our interest comes from a desire to "reset" the world, so-to-speak. The focus is always on the remainder, the survivors, the chosen few who will rebuild humanity better and stronger having been through such an experience. I believe it is a natural reaction to the reality of Original Sin, and the same impulse that inspired the author of Genesis to compile the Flood Narrative from Hebrew Tradition.

    At its heart the desire for an "Extinction Level Event" (to borrow from Deep Impact) is the desire that God (or Nature or Whathaveyhou) would start over and wipe away the corruption of our world. But as the Genesis story points out, as much hope as there was for Noah and his family, sin cannot be eradicated so easily. It's a secular solution to a spiritual problem, but I think that these movies give us one glimmer of hope--that humanity is still capable of recognizing its own fallen nature, and therefore can still be reached by the message of the Gospel.

  4. Father,

    In a post a while back you mentioned that if any one wanted some poetry recommendations to ask you. I thought now would be a good time to ask since I have made it a New Year's resolution to read more poetry. Do you know any good, modern, poets?