22 January 2010

Wish List Experiment

The Book Depository, the British answer to Amazon.com, has made it possible to share personal Wish Lists on-line.

So, an experiment:  I've moved seven books from my Amazon list to the B.D. list.

There are several advantages to this change. . .if it works.

First, the B.D. ships free worldwide.  International shipping from the U.S. usually runs about $13.

Second, since the books are delivered from within the E.U. marketplace, there will be no duty charge on my end.  Duties run from about $10-$50 depending on the declared value of the books.

Third, books from the B.D. arrive within 10 days from the U.K.  It can take 6 weeks to get them from the U.S. . .if they arrive at all.

The only disadvantage:  B.D. doesn't sell used books, so their prices are a bit higher than Amazon's.

Anyway, let's see how it goes!

NB.  In the top right hand corner there's a drop down menu that allows you to select a currency.  The Euro is the default currency for my server.  It might be the dollar for an American server.  Be sure and change it to the dollar. . .no need to add conversion charges!

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1 comment:

  1. Just had to try it!!

    God and the Between
    by William Desmond
    ISBN 9781405162333

    should be despatched to you within 48 hrs.
    Not sure if book depository will update your wish list to show items bought?
    Hope it arrives ok.
    God bless your work.