26 December 2009

The terrorist is a Muslim. . .why is the AP hiding the fact?

Anyone who spends even ten minutes a day reading the news understands why an overwhelming majority of Americans no longer trust the MSM.

AP, NYT, CNN, LAT, WaPo, etc. are so infected with leftist P.C. rot that they are no longer capable of providing the American public with simple facts.

For example, the recent terrorist attack on a Delta/NWA flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. . .the AP is scrubbing and re-scrubbing its reporting in order to hide the fact that the alleged terrorist, a Nigerian national, is an extremist Muslim with direct links to the that country's wing of the Taliban.

Why is the AP so obsessed with making sure that we don't find out that guy is a Muslim?  Basically, they don't trust the reading public to make the distinction between Muslims and Muslim-terrorists.  Because the MSM believes that we believe whatever they tell us to believe, they think that they are responsible "sending a message," that is, making sure that narratives about world-events are crafted in such a way that we don't draw the "wrong" conclusions:  all Muslims are terrorists.  Anyone who can think their way through making a baloney sandwich can figure that out.

Here's an idea, AP, et al:  you tell us the facts and we'll make up our own minds about the narrative.  It's bad enough that the federal gov't is hell bound and determined to infantilize the country's citizens in the pursuit of making us all wards of the state.  We don't need Nanny Media telling us how to think about the news.

Just do your @#$% job!


  1. We have been so afraid of the govt controlling the media that we never envisioned that the media can control the govt - but that's what has happened.

    Now if this fanatic were a Christian (especially a Catholic or Evangelical) or if he were Israeli, that little tidbit would be first page news.

    We've seen our last free election. The media will allow no further free elections. Mark my words.

  2. Anonymous5:19 PM

    No! Wait!

    This nitwit is a terrorist.

    But, Major Hasan is a . . . ?

  3. Anonymous1:08 AM

    We've seen our last free election?

    If you think the Bush elections were fair, you're living in Radio -Free Idiot Land.

    And they do talk about nit wit Evangelists like that twerp Fred Phelps who revs followers up to protest outside the funerals of dead soldiers. Nice.

    And I guess that Catholics have been in the news for, er, the wrong reasons, too. They called them "Priests" because they were the ones hunkering down on the young 'uns. That's just the news.

    And I'm not anti-Catholic. I'm anti-nutzy.

    : /

  4. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Second anonymous above, a.k.a. Kool Aid drinker.

    The guvmint is gonna provide for you. You will vote for the one that will give you most. That's dependency and slavery.

    Where do de guvmint get da' money to provide for you? Doh!

    Do you believe in Santa Claus, too?

    Sorry, Father.

    T. Shaw

  5. Anonymous5:30 PM

    just because i think the Bush elections were rigged doesn't mean I like Obama.

    check your reasoning.

    "sorry Father" wa wa wa

  6. Why post anonymously?
    Just save your comments for scribbling on bathroom stalls.

    No ethos behind anonymous comments. Sorry, can't take you seriously.

    And Loannes, has there ever been such a thing as a FREE election? How much does a free election cost, I wonder?

  7. Anonymous10:29 PM

    LIKE: MEISTER is your real name?

    I don't even know HOW to have a blog name, etc.

    Flambeaux is real, too? I understand if the comment is snide but if it's well intended...

  8. Anonymous12:34 AM

    Yes, I just checked out the MEISTER blog. It lets me know he is a Capricorn. But there is a photograph -- of something that looks like a Snoopy dog.

    This is FUNNY.


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