25 December 2009

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Catholic, Protestant, Other:  by the numbers.

Even the Lefties are upset with ObamaCare"For the first time in American history, Democrats are about to pass a bill that uses the coercive power of the federal government to force every American -- simply by virtue of being an American -- to purchase the products of a private company."  Duh.  This is what the GOP, the Tea Parties, and just normal Americans have been saying since July 2008!

Video of Queen Elizabeth II's Christmas address to the Commonwealth.  As an American republican (little "r"), I say:  "God save the Queen!"

From the Holy Father's Christmas homily"The medieval theologian William of Saint Thierry once said that God – from the time of Adam – saw that his grandeur provoked resistance in man, that we felt limited in our own being and threatened in our freedom. Therefore God chose a new way. He became a child. He made himself dependent and weak, in need of our love. Now – this God who has become a child says to us – you can no longer fear me, you can only love me."

Jeeves!  Saddle the dog

Santa Claus/St. Nicholas customs from around the world. . .I've visited his tomb in Bari, Italy.  The shrine and parish church is served by Dominicans. 

Tedious anti-Catholic site. . .the usual Catholic strawman beliefs debunked and refuted with the precision of a sledge-hammer swatting at gnats.  

I've run into this phenomena quite often while teaching in public universities. 

100 Ways to Freak Out Your Roommate.  Number 23 is my fav.  These would all work with spouses too. 

Probably the only thing I love more than Jesus and the Parentals:  coffee


  1. Matt L.11:45 PM

    Um, I'm getting some unfortunate advertising on the snail site.

  2. Anonymous1:34 AM

    Father Phillip, just thought you should know that the link to the movement of snails ("stretch a little") contains extremely graphic, pornographic advertising at the top of the page.

    I am accessing from California.

    Anthony OPL

  3. Thanks, Anthony...there's nothing like that on the site accessed from here in Italy...nonetheless, I have deleted it.

  4. Anonymous5:58 AM

    It was a pity really, since the article itself was quite interesting. I haven't really watched a snail move in years.

    Anthony OPL

  5. imagine if that dog decides to chase a cat while you're walking him.......

  6. Pooper-scooper laws were made for dogs like that. Bet the owner takes a snow shovel while walking him.

  7. Anonymous5:21 PM

    My wife is almost that big . . .

    Just sign me,


  8. I get a bag of Skittles at work and the separate all the colors and line them up in order (with the "S" facing up": first the reds, then the oranges, then the yellows, then the greens, and then the purples (no blues). I then proceed to eat depending on quantity to level the lines and them go from left to right. After they started to get used to it, I started an MS Excel spreadsheet keeping trap of how many peaces per color and charting out the quantities. I also keep track of averages and standard deviations. It's so much fun!!!!

  9. Anonymous, you're a smart man.

  10. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Subvet: It's strong survival instinct - not too smart.