24 December 2009

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Amateur:  ObamaCare is our Only Hope. . .it must be passed NOWNOWNOW!!!  Um, nevermind, says B.O., it can wait 'til Feb.  It's time to put the adults back in charge of our gov't.

Best Movies of the '00's:  Snob Alert!  No Redneck Movies appear on this list.  How do I know it's a snobby list?  The first movie is about African genital mutilation. (And b/c our Resident Troll has willfully decided to interpret this link as a vote for genital mutilation:  I hate Snob Movies.  That's the point of calling this list snobby.)

Very cool Christmas story.

Catholic vs. Protestant = Analogical imagination vs. dialectical imagination

Excellent question.  The answer is:  "You can't."

I want a pair of these!

Zombie Pumpkin Snowman. . .it's getting real, folks.


  1. RE: "Best Movies" -- the blog comments appropriately pan this guy as well. Although he gets points in my book for including Napoleon Dynamite in his Honorable Mention list. But he stays well in the negative for choices like Prairie Home Companion. Reminds me of the high school chemistry dictum "simila similibus solvuntur" -- like dissolves like: smarmy begets smarmy.

  2. Anonymous10:16 AM

    There were four movies made/released in the "ZEROES" that were worth the price of admission.

    The three Tolkein movies and "Black Hawk Down" (The amateur should be forced to watch once each day and publicly state, "I will never let that happen.")

    I would not waste ten seconds of my life watching any of the listed crapoovies.