25 December 2009

Pope attacked!

Crazy woman attacks the Holy Father at Midnight Mass. . .reports are that this is the same woman who tried to attack the Pope last year.  Apparently, she was upset over what she perceived to be an attack by the Pope on transvestites and transsexuals in his Christmas homily last year.

Update:  Father Prior told me this morning before Mass that the Italian press is reporting that the woman only wanted to kiss the Pope.  

It's time for the Vatican to bring back the office of the verger.  May I suggest that the Pope's security forces employ several large seminarians from the N.A.C. to run interference for the Holy Father.  Get a couple of corn-fed American boys equipped with virges between BXVI and the crowd and I guarantee you that wacko's like this won't do this sort of thing again.  


  1. Wooden rods? Doesn't cut it. There were Swiss Guards in the area, looking mightily uncomfortable (from the video I saw) that they were pretty much out of the defensive arrangements. Six of those guys on either side with halberds -- that's the real Papal defense (since 1503).

  2. Anonymous10:51 AM

    But was it a woman?

  3. Anonymous6:01 PM

    I am glad he is OK.

  4. My (Presbyterian) father saw the televised version and said "isn't the Pope carrying a big ol' cross?"

    "Yeah, Daddy, it's a big one."

    "Why didn't he just whap her?"

    I tend to agree. THAT woulda left a mark - in this world and perhaps the next!

  5. Cranky, I agree with your dad...mentally unstable folks are dangerous. I doubt the Holy Father could have wielded his cross defensively, but...just sayin'...if that was me she was grabbin' on: whack.

  6. holy crap. she took him to the floor!!

    what's next? the Pope not be allowed to process??

  7. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Please don't be too quiickly critical of His Holiness' guards. Look at how immediately they were on top of the situation once the unexpected attack had been quickly delivered. They're only human but they're also excellent.

  8. Second year in a row. Same woman. Similar red jogging jacket. Can't be that easy to get in, can it? What is the nature of her complaint?

  9. Anonymous10:10 AM

    She's nuts. That's not a complaint.

    I find it interesting that the Vatican plans to change nothing. They don't want to "whap" people. And it sounds as if they if they put their safety in the hands of God.

    Imagine that. Maybe they're wise. Ya THINK?