23 December 2009

Newt Lobs the Reddest of Red Meat

Newt Gingrich is not one of my fav politicians.  But this series of vids by The Newt is excellent.  He makes several outrageous suggestions for restoring the republic ("Abolish the Ninth Circuit!") and throws some serious slabs of red meat to his base.

My guess:  we'll see "Vote the NEWT!" in 2012.


  1. My guess: we'll see "Vote the NEWT!" in 2012.

    Only if the (R) Party intends to blow itself up....

  2. Ken Wilson4:49 PM

    Newt is always great! On a Texas Senate note: what are your thoughts about Michael Williams?


  3. Dad29 has a point. Now is not the time for the Republicans to go off the rails with a character reminiscent of Greg Stillson from Stephen King's "The Dead Zone". Whoever they field as a candidate has to be focused, down-to-earth and entirely credible.

    This doesn't rule out Sarah Palin but she'll have to overcome the perceptions she garnered from the last race in order to be in the running. I mention her because really, just who else might be a contender?

    Romney backed the government run health care program that is now tanking in Massachussets. Huckabee has his version of Willie Horton in the wack job who killed the Washington cops, after those two are ruled out, who is left with a decent chance?

    Too many folk assume B.O. will be a single term President, confidently stating that after every Carter you get a Reagan. Not necessarily true, if the opposition doesn't get their act together we can look forward to eight years of The One, simply because there'll be nobody with the drawing power to counter his machine and diehard base.