25 December 2009

Note to trolls. . .

Attention HancAquam Trolls. . .

All comments on this blog are moderated.  I check all included links for vids and other websites. Nothing appears in the combox until I have read it and approved it. 

So. . .you can stop trying to sneak anti-Catholic, anti-Pope Benedict, and pro-B.O./socialist propaganda into the comboxes.

Not.  Gonna.  Happen.

Now, get back under your bridge!


  1. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Said as a true Dominican. "It's laborious, but God's work is a labour of love".

    That and the whole malleus hæreses thing, fire away!

  2. Hooray for you, Father!

    I don't believe in having dialog with the devil and I don't allow it at my blogspot, Commentarius de Prognosticis. These people have all the liberal news media to disseminate their Obama propaganda. It's time to turn the tables on them.

    P.S., Felicem Nativitatem!

  3. well damn, you just stole all my fun over here...............


  4. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Father, I writing this as a personal apology to you. I'm new to blogging, and, as usual, have learned the "hard way" and at the blogger's expense, that when one just starts leisurely typing on the keyboard on an "impersonal" machine, that you are actually impacting the life of another, and you don't have the "clarifying aid" of voice inflection, eye contact, or personal presence, so that your intent and comments can be very hurtful, even though it's unintentional. So I'm not commenting on blogs anymore, until I can learn to grow up have some manners. My sincere apology to you. Best wishes.