29 April 2009

$328,825 for a photo

Drudge is reporting that the Air Force One joyride over Manhattan--the one that Obama knew N.O.T.H.I.N.G. about--costs us $328, 825.

I suppose we should be thankful. The Abortionist-in-Chief could have sent those taxpayer dollars to Mexico and paid for 1,096 abortions (assuming that Moloch charges the going rate in the US south of the border: $300 each).

So, the "publicity stunt" over Lady Liberty quite possibly saved the lives of almost 1,200 kids.

Ah, Hope and Change. . .Change and Hope.


  1. Okay, you can color me stupid but with all the advances in technology and the way we've seen it used/abused with fauxtography, why didn't they just do some Photoshopping?

    No scaring the batsnot out of Big Apple residents, no harm to the enviornment from jet engines gulping gallons of fuel by the minute, no extra maintenance costs from the flight of the planes, etc. Am I missing something?

    Seriously, it's the 21st Century, let's use the technology of it fer crying out loud.

  2. are you surprised??!!

  3. hmmm.. And Obama's predecessor, Clinton, wouldn't fly over Rwanda and block their hate-speech on radio leading up to their genocide because...
    it cost over 8,000 a fly-over.