01 May 2009

Mille grazie! Grazie mille!

Though some of my more skeptical brothers seriously doubt this, this blog would exist if no one ever even looked at the WISH LIST.

That readers not only look at the list but also purchase books and send them to me is Pure Gravy. I am consistently amazed at the generosity of the God's People! There is almost nothing more useful to a Dominican preacher/student/professor than a good book. . .especially when EU book prices are sometimes double what they are in the U.S. Factor in the exchange rate. . .well, you can do the math.

I've also received offers of financial help and technical assistance with a new laptop when my trusty DELL needs replacing. . .offers of assistance in getting back to the U.S. in this summer. . .offers for home-cooked meals and an evening's visit. . .even an offer to help me with my luggage and a ride home when I make it back!

So, once again, I am granted the opportunity to express my thanks to God and His people for His generosity and the resulting generosity of those who find something useful in my little blog-ministry.

Daily, I receive assurances of prayer and fasting for my personal intentions and the health of my family back in the boonies of Mississippi. There's no expressing my gratitude for this. I can only admit to being awed by the movement our Lord's Spirit among His people.

Despite my all-too-frequent lapses into crankiness, I live in hope, trusting fully in the promises of God that Christ's victory over darkness and despair is complete. As we move inexorably into more and deeper conflicts with the powers of this world, we must keep squarely in front of us the sure knowledge that the battle is won. The race is over. Laying claim to this victory and then behaving accordingly is not only the key to our survival but our baptismal duty. . .and I daresay, our privilege.

So, a thousand Thank You's to HancAquam readers, Book Benefactors, commenters, fellow-cranks, and lurkers. We got nothing to lose b/c the battle is won!

God bless, Fr. Philip, OP


  1. :-) gotta thank you for your friendship, support, and occaisonal kick in the pants.

  2. Flambeaux10:21 AM

    I'll echo MightyMom. Thank you, Father.