30 April 2009

Goofing off...

Toldjah it was a religion. . .His Immenseness Pope Gore I must be so proud.

Why does this sort of thing drive me nuts?

OK. . .my day doesn't seem quite so bad now.

After I get a new laptop, I'm gonna get one of these.

I have enough trouble with the alphabet we use now!

Back to work!


  1. "Why does this sort of thing drive me nuts?"

    I thought it was a spoof at first.

    "Image of Christ seen in Irvine living room. Do you see it?" Yes, it's on the wall behind them. Game over.

  2. "Why does this sort of thing drive me nuts?"Could be worse - you should have seen my toast this morning.

  3. maryclare12:13 PM

    Dear Fr P,

    I like the animated scripts (see enough trouble). However bearing in mind the trouble some folks have seeing things maybe I would think twice before using them!They might be seeing angels in my emails or blog comments next....
    regards maryclare :-)

  4. no, indeed...none of our days are so bad! (thanks for the much-needed belly laugh)

    Re: 2009 Cannonball Catholic Blog Awards

    CAMPAIGNING FOR FR. PHILIP (self-designated)...
    With Fr. Philip's permission by way of this comment box...

    at the Cannonball Blog Award site

    GO TO www.thecrescat.blogspot.com
    for the list of all nominees and their sites; and for directions on when voting is to take place.

    CATEGORIES that Fr. Philip is
    * Best Blog by a Religious Who's Not Fr. Z
    * Best Church Militant Blog
    * Best Catholic Political Blog that is not the American Papist
    * (Maybe others.)

    Good luck, Father :) !

  6. Aspiring,

    I'm hiring you to be my campaign manager when I run for Pope!

    Thanks for the PR!

  7. OK, I'm confused. Why do you believe global warming to be a religion?

    The best science is that humans are contributing to increased greenhouse gases in the air and that this increase is contributing to increased global temperatures. I don't think this contradicts any Church teaching? Hence, I'm confused!

  8. Pat,

    I don't think it's actually a religion. However, the global warming alarmist often sound like TV preachers...and anyone who disagrees with them are labeled heretics...and they refuse to look at any evidence that contradicts their claims...and the eco-friendly propaganda in the schools sounds like Sunday School lessons...and they talk about Earth as if it were a god (note the consistent lack of article in front of the word "earth)...and they want to impose their eco-asceticism on the world via national and international gov't's...so, yea a lot like religion.

    For a lot of religious women the whole eco-theology thing is literally a religion.

    I freely admit that I am no scientist, but there is no consensus on among scientists that carbon emissions by humans is damaging the environment. And the global warming propaganda is simply false.

  9. Thanks, yes, I can see that. People do have a tendency to be pretty single-minded about all this.

    I am a scientist and have followed the global warming problem for years (it's been on the scientist's radar for decades). There is a broad consensus among scientists that warming is happening, but the consequences of the changes are not as clear, and how those changes will impact the lives of people is also not clear.

    When change of any sort occurs, people do suffer, and the poor generally suffer more.

    We are, of course, littering on a grand scale. I imagine many of us who would never dream of tossing a paper wrapper out of the car window, do drive more than necessary without thinking it is essentially doing the same thing. It's just invisible. (And overall, the potential impact of the paper wrapper is minimal.)

  10. you must have been REALLY bored to come up with that group of links!! whoa.

  11. Mom, not bored...procrastinating!