30 April 2009

Coffee Bowl Browsing...

Home security tips for that summer vacation

Coup at the U.N.!

For all you science-geeks and science-geeks-wanna-be's (like me!)

Isn't "skeptical Christian" an oxymoron?

Links to canonical and non-canonical writings of the early Church

Basic answers to basic questions about the Catholic faith

Why do we put-up with Catholic-bashing?

Manly athletes
behaving manly (or, "Spirit of Vatican 2 theologians react to papal encyclical")

For when you are too busy for the hot tub

I need a new desk chair!

For the smart-mouths among us (hilarious)

The coming zombie apocalypse: biblical proof!

Red State rebellion based on the 10th Amendment

How Obama got elected:
media malpractice

Great media site for commentary on the Obamanation

Motivational poster for philosophers!


  1. I love the motivational poster-- I think it may be just enough to help get me through this philosophy paper I'm writing right now. I'm 7-pages in, only a few more to go. Heidegger, authenticity, Thomas, and free-will. I'm certainly at the "thinking till it hurts" point.

  2. Thanks for the reminder about physorg.com - they'd fallen off my radar a while back, and it's a good resource!

  3. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Sign in a coffer shop: My blood type is French Roast.

  4. Anonymous3:31 PM

    As far as Catholic basking is concerned, rarely do you encoun ter anti-Cathlicism as sharply as you do in priests and Sisters who are at odds with the Church. Imagine reading without knowing who has authored some of the columns written by Sister Joan Chittister or Sister Sandra Schneiders or any number of others. One could quickly get the impression that in such pieces, the Church is being bashed by anti-Catholics. So then, the sky becomes the limit. This is another reason that CDF's LCWR investigation and the Sisters' Visitation are so crucial. I'm sure that anti-Catholicism will be dealt severe blows by both of these Vatican initiatives.

  5. To laugh out loud at 5:45 am, when I should be working is great. Thanks!

    45. How do I set a laser printer to stun?

  6. Tom in NJ2:50 PM

    Catholic-bashing has a long history. We can start with Nero Caesar, Domitian Caesar, Arius, gnostics, docetists, and move on toward the Middle Ages with feudal lords from king to knight who fought the Church on the Continent. You'll know more about the Albigensians and Waldensians than I; thence to Luther and Tyndale. All resented the Church's institutional and dogmatic strength. In particular, Luther was a foil for lords who resented the Church's institutional power. Voltaire and Robespierre also resented the same strength. I'll stop with the Modern age.