26 April 2009

A Dominican bear in Rome!

This will be me if I don't cut my hair and trim my beard very, very soon!

H/T: The American Papist


  1. "Bear with me, I have another distinction I'd like to make!"

  2. Anonymous1:27 AM

    That's Br. Ursus! His ambition is to become the chaplain of my future community after he's ordained (we're the only sisters located in the middle of a forest - he thinks he will feel right at home. Probably because he hasn't heard yet that we get up a bit earlier than the student brothers).

  3. That is one cute bear. Who made the habit?

  4. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Aren't you guys supposed to be dogs? Domini Canes!

  5. awe he's cute! can I offer him a free meal or two? he looks a bit skinny in his habit.