20 March 2014

Four Items -- quickly. . .

First: HUGE mendicant thanks to Gregorio M. for sending me Guardini's The Lord from the Wish List. If I had a dime for every time this book has been recommended to me I wouldn't need to beg for books on the internet. 

Second: The return of Coffee Cup Browsing has been a stat success. Oddly, Mon, Wed, and Thurs' editions got an average of 100 hits, while Tues' edition got over 520!  I have no idea why. 

Third: Several of my Internet Mothers have written to ask about my health. I'm still old and fat and my knee is wobbly/achy. Other than that, I'm fine. I have a doc appt on April 3rd for a cardiac check-up and a bone-doc referral.  Thanks for the prayers! 

Fourth: My Lenten article for the Times-Picayune has been submitted. They will post it on-line tomorrow. Watch for links.  Maybe if we spike their stats they will ask me to write something regularly!  :-)
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