18 March 2014

Coffee Cup Browsing

No 1stA rights for our Christian FlyBoys and Girls? Here's where to help.  

Here's another source of help for Christians being bullying by Secularist Fundies: Thomas More Law Center.

On the upcoming 2014 Synod on Marriage: "I no longer fear the charlatans behind the media curtains. Sure, they can still produce plenty of smoke. But most of their Catholic mirrors are gone." Your mouth to God's ears.

Grav waves from Big Bang discovered. No doubt the Inquisition is collecting kindling in St Peter's Square.

Speaking of anti-science propaganda: Cosmos' ratings drop dramatically. Good. Here's to a season's worth of cricket-chirping. . .and cancellation.

The Extraordinary Form of the Mass celebrated at Harvard!

Vietnamese Catholicism. . .several of my formation advisees are Vietnamese, specifically religious brothers of the Congregation of the Mother, Co-Redemptrix (CMC).
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