17 March 2014

Coffee Cup Browsing: The Return!

Shocked! Shocked, I say! Anti-religious bias in the newsroom

Media Project 2014: Fictionalize Francis.

The moral genius of the Church is her ability to hold to the truth of the ideal even when (especially when!) we fail repeatedly to achieve the ideal.

Hillary: "You cannot make progress on gender equality or broader human development, without safeguarding women’s reproductive health and rights." Sure. 'Cause killing babies is healthcare, ya know

Taking liberties with Son of God? Haven't seen it. Probably won't. 

B.O. surrenders the internet to. . .the UN. Great. That's gonna work just swell for liberty worldwide.  Maybe China, N.Korea, and Egypt can sit on the panel that governs access.

LOL. Good one.


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  1. To say that the ICANN is some sort of America's oversight of the Internet is quite an exaggeration. As a matter of fact, ICANN has demonstrated to be rather slow, backwards and corrupt. So, I couldn't be happier to see ICANN demoted. However, most of the problems with ICANN could have been mitigated if they were isolated to the US, instead of having worldwide consequences. As subsidiarity goes, the role performed by the ICANN and its national equivalent organizations should be on the same footing. Handling it over to the UN is not only not a change in the status quo, but its rising to a new level by leaving it under the auspices of an even more corrupt organization.

    1. Is that supposed to be encouraging? :-)

    2. What, I encouraging? :-)

      But, back to business, the International Telecommunication Union, the body standardizing the telecommunications systems all over the world, has been under the tutelage of the UN for almost 60 years, though it's existed for about 150 years. It has operated rather independently of UN shenanigans and has proven to be quite competent.

      I wouldn't really mind if the ITU would assume a similar oversight over the Internet as it has over the international telecommunications systems. Then, the ICANN would merely the American representative and its incompetence would wreak havoc just in the US instead of the whole world.

  2. About the movie Son of God - I have to say it felt good to walk up to the ticket window and say "I want to see the Son of God" and even better when the person behinds you in line says the same thing. But that's where the good feelings end.
    I had seen the TV series and was not expecting anything different. A parishioner approached me saying that I had to see it because it was 'AWESOME!" So, in the spirit of charity, and to have the vantage point of the movie-goers, I embarked on a mission.
    Well, I was disappointed in the movie as much as I was in the mini-series. Jennifer Roback Morse hit the nail on the head when she said it was like a child not listening to you - over and over again. But, I said to myself that if it gets people to go to the bible, or go to church, maybe some good will come out of it in the long run. Unfortunately, this will be all the bible that many will get and this 'moving picture show' got it wrong on many counts.
    What I saw was a confused looking Jesus, stumbling around and not sure of what he was doing until the very end. Then we get some biblical quotes, a bloody cross and a lance thrust into Jesus' side..... no blood flowed.... no water flowed..... dry as a bone. That's how the movie left me........ dry.
    Now, it hurts my heart to tell my parishioners what I thought. The truth hurts sometimes.
    So, if you really want to see the Son of God, go to confession, go to mass, receive the Eucharist - - 'nuff said.