19 March 2014

Coffee Cup Browsing

Global Warming Heretics must be jailed. All for the cause of tolerance and science, of course!

White House quietly rewrites FOIA. . .in 2009. Lawlessness.

We were relentlessly pushed into "collaboration" with religious sisters in seminary. This meant that we did exactly what the sisters wanted to do. Lack of collaboration with their agenda was seen as a "formation issue," and threatened a black bean come voting time.

Asian politicians (D) in CA halt effort to enshrine racial preferences. Good. NB: no one called them "racist." Wonder why?

Don't Harsh the Narrative: "Pedophile priest" given the boot by the Vatican. NB: his victim was a 14 yo male teen. That's not pedophilia.

MSM struggles with reporting on recent Big Bang discovery. Apparently, the universe "transformed itself" from Nothing to Something

On Pride: suffering for something worse.


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