20 March 2014

Coffee Cup Browsing

"Christians Need Not Apply." When non-discrimination requires discrimination. 

NASA -- ya know, the federal agency that deals the Space Stuff -- spends tax money to tell us that we must redistribute wealth or risk social collapse. UH?

That Women's Studies prof in CA who attacked a 16yo Pro-Life activist spends some time telling us why her feelings are more important than our rights

The Above Mentioned Prof drops a feminist code-word in her police interview: triggering. This is just a fancier version of the heckler's veto. Who knew that academic feminists were such delicate flowers in need of protection.

Rape Culture: reminds me of the time back in the late 80's when I served on a county jury in an aggravated rape case. One of my feminist grad school colleagues demanded that I convict the guy b/c "men have been raping women for centuries." Damn the evidence! Let ideology rule!

To all my brother friars who laughed at me in the Studium when I told you that carbs are the dietary enemy not fat: "Toldya."

Lightening Fall: A Novel of Disaster. If anyone reads this one, please let me know. Reminds me of Lucifer's Hammer.

"When how we vote is how our souls are saved." Secularism is a postmodern religion. 
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