13 September 2012

"Sorry. . .people of America!"

At this moment. . .it is vitally important for Americans to remember that the terrorists who kill in the name of Islam do not represent every Muslim.   The loons of Westboro Baptist Church do not represent all Christians.  The LCWR does not represent all religious women in the U.S. nor do they speak for every Catholic.  Nor do the Occupiers represent 99% of Americans.

Every identifiable group--religious, racial, political, etc.--has its loose screws, its hot-heads, its fringe elements.   These outliers cannot be allowed to control our response to the group as a whole.

This isn't wimpy liberalism; it's simple rationality and charity. 

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1 comment:

  1. ModerateRealist10:32 AM

    This may be the first time in history that any Muslims have every apologized for any of the bloody deeds they are so famous for.

    I wouldn't pay much attention.

    I have a work colleague who is a Communist. Nice guy. Changes nothing about what Communism is.

    Same here.