12 September 2012

Coffee Cup Browsing

And our descent into the Abyss continues. . .can't say we weren't warned!

Coming to the U.S.: your job or your faith.  Your choice.

An alternative remedy to curing dissident clergy/religious:  sue them for fiduciary malpractice.

ObamaCare described in one (long) sentence.

Rare photo of one of my fav poets, Emily Dickinson.  NB.  Ignore the intentionally provocative headline.  It's a product of 90's feminists inventing history to push an agenda.

This looks oddly familiar. . .didn't something like this happen when Jimmy was Prez?

Russian female choir sings "By the Waters of Babylon" (Ps 137). . .Beautiful!

Religion is an inherently public practice.

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  1. Scott W.7:10 AM

    Regarding the plunge into the abyss. I've heard some make the point that the slippery slope ended with approving sodomy and that we are already at rock-bottom and that zoophilia, incest, and pedophilia are just rolling around in the muck.

    1. The arguments used to support same-sex "marriage" can be used to push for the legality of the marriage of any combination of human, animal, or inanimate object. When you remove the production and care of a natural family from the marriage equation, anything goes.

    2. the curious bit of that article however is that it unwittingly may give an effective counter to the argument that sexual orientation qua sexual orientation is morally neutral, and that a return to natural law would be the most logical and sound method to define sexual relationships, then again i think I am being almost naively optimistic.

  2. Dis-turbing first piece. Pray the Rosary.

  3. Anonymous11:58 AM

    I have worked clinically with males arrested for all sorts of under 18 sexual interactions. A very tiny minority were lifelong predators of prepubescent children. These were the kind of people that make your hair stand on end, as if you were in the presence of a vampire. Most offenders were noticeably low-functioning --both mentally and socially-- opportunists with teens. To me, no one-size-fits-all response makes sense.

    That desire for simple answers is one of our societal flaws. We are addicted to a peculiar idea of justice but are sorely lacking in attention to prudence, fortitude and temperance.

  4. ModerateRealist12:09 PM

    An old saw of mine, Friar P. Be it Obamacare or EU secularism, I hold the Church partly to blame for its willingness to support the expansion of the State when it serves the Church's agendas. To then turn around and play the horrified victim when Leviathan changes his mind and looks hungrily at you is, to me, unconvincing and disingenuous.

    I have always admired Catholicism for its valuing of intellect and, until the last 50 years, its appropriately skeptical view of human nature. Perhaps it's the lamentable decline in Italian dominance which has allowed northern and western Euros --with their historical weakness for disastrous State-based utopianism-- to flood a once proudly self-confident and unapologetic institution with embarrassingly adolescent "Gaudium et Spes" types, who seem to be full of "renewed theology" aka unhinged notions, but ignorant of millennia of human history.

  5. "Born this Way" does have a bright side. The horror of pedophilia has managed to get secular psychologists to make important distinctions. Like this quote they call out: "You are not guilty because of your sexual desire, but you are responsible for your sexual behavior." There is a separation of desire and behavior. Having a desire does not create a mandate for action. It is an acknowledgment that there are such things as bad desires.

    Further along there is this quote: "I try to get them to understand that when they feed their brains a lot of deviant sexual fantasies, it's going to lead to them acting on those fantasies." Here she admits that habitual desires are strengthened by giving them positive attention.

    If only this subtlety were back translated to other deviant sexual behavior, contemporary psychologists could be useful in helping people confront sexual sin.

    1. Sounds oddly Catholic to me! Strange, uh?