09 September 2012

Jesuits Bully Archbishop (not exactly!)

Way back in the late 80's I discovered that I'm dyslexic.  By this time, I'd earned a B.A. in philosophy and history and a M.A. in English.  Apparently, I'd found ways to cope.

In case you're wondering what dyslexia looks like to the dyslexic, here' an example. . .

I saw this headline on a Catholic news aggregate site:

"Jesuit university to buy Philly archbishop's residence"

My response, "How does a Jesuit university bully an archbishop's residence?!"

So, then my overactive imagination takes over and I start running scenarios through my head where a black-cassocked university building shoves a purple-surpliced mansion into his locker and gives him a wedgie.

Yea.  That's how my brain "works."  Go figure.

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  1. Sheesh...

    If you were a "non-English native speaker", this sort of stuff wouldn't surprise you a bit...it happens all the time with me...and I'm not a Mastermind... :)

  2. Sharon9:58 PM

    Jimmy Akin is also dyslexic and is the most well read Catholic apologist, with the most absolutely amazing memory I have come across. I can see I will have to research the implications of dyslexia.