15 September 2012

Saber rattling in the Persian Gulf

Time for some serious prayer, folks!

Things are getting sticky. . .errr. . .stickier in the Middle East, and we have the Apologizer-in-Chief in the White House, and the one who lost to him in the State Dept.

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  1. Scott W.10:02 PM

    Wag the dog?

  2. Anonymous1:51 AM

    Do you still maintain voting for a third party candidate or abstaining in the national election rather than voting for Romney is a moral or wise option?

    Prayer is good and necessary. In a nation such as ours where we elect our leaders, prudential voting is also important.

    1. Anon., when have I ever proposed voting 3rd party or not voting at all?

  3. Scott W.7:17 AM

    My standard is that I wont vote for anyone that I wouldn't put a sign out in my front yard for. I'd never put a sign out for the Rombot or The Obamessiah.