24 August 2012

From the archives: a few useful links

Preparing for a radio interview this morning, I browsed around the archives and found a few posts that might be of interest to recent readers of HancAquam. . .

Error, Heresy, & You

Praedicare! To Preach!

Making a Good Lenten Confession (even in Ordinary Time)

Guidelines for Faithful Catholic Reading

Answers to supporters of women's ordination

12 Reasons Why Faithful Citizenship Failed to Persuade

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  1. And what about the link for the live radio feed (pretty much all radio stations have it)...?

    1. Oh, and thanks for the "Vintage Hanc Aquam" Linkfest. It wasn't only useful for recent readers; I for one didn't remember all of them. I'm suddenly intrigued by the #10 perpetrator...was it rad-trad-type nut or what...?

  2. Thanks for sharing these. I remember when I was in the beginning stages of re-entry to the Faith, someone who was "guiding" me suggested I read an Ekhart Tolle book, because it was "just what I needed." I read a little of it, and this intense impulse to throw it across the room engulfed me!! Needless to say, I didn't read any more of it. But, the Lord does work in mysterious ways, for I began to read de Mello's books, and (even though I wouldn't recommend them to anyone now) they led me gently from where I was back to the True Faith. But they also have allowed me to recognize the syncretic tendencies of so many here in this parish. I'm not sure how to address these tendencies, but I do see them.

    And certainly ask good questions of potential spiritual directors. A "former sister" (married to a "former priest")in our parish was recommended to me - she teaches scripture/religion classes here - but in learning about her I found she supported the "marriage equality" act, had serious issues with the magisterium, etc... Caveat emptor applies to spiritual directos as well!

    And I'm with Matheus -- what about that link???