19 August 2012

Back in Big Easy

Made it back to Nawlins'!

The Redneck Squirrels chased me 'til we got to the 305 cutoff to 4 near Senatobia. . .guess they'd heard that the Redneck Humans in that part of MS actually eat squirrels!

Two points of interest:  1). I managed to spend 14 days in MS w/o eating fried chicken once; 2) the new trendy buzzphrase for interior designers on HGTV is "open concept."

Arrived back in NOLA to discover four books awaiting me!  Always a pleasure.  My thanks to Jenny K. and Shelly.   Since you two are already on my Book Benefactor Prayer List, I will have to add you to the Prayer List With Golden Lace Curlycues.  :-)

Now!  I must immediately drive into unpacking my things and opening two weeks of mail. . .right after tonight's episode of Cajun Justice. . .and a peek at Drudge. . .and a little Facebook browsing. ___________________
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