19 August 2012

Coffee Cup Browsing

NB.  Headed back to Nawlins' this afternoon!  The Redneck Squirrels have done their best to reform me. . .alas, we shall see if their tireless efforts have proven successful.

Mark Steyn:  "Our elites have sunk into a boutique decadence of moral preening entirely disconnected from reality. . ."  This goes for our Ecclesial Elites as well. . .and I think he's being too kind.

A brief history of phony Eco-apocalypticalism. . .'cause we all know that the Only True Apocalypse is the Zombie Apocalypse!

Racial Diversity Apparatchiks bullying high school choirs. . .the ASO musicians aren't gonna be bullied quite so easily.

Please!  Don't give the DHS or the HHS any ideas!  I hear they are stockpiling 12x16 glossies of Dear Leader.

Burning the village to spare it from imaginary enemies. . .the scorched earth strategy of the same-sex "marriage" bullies.

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  1. Of late I have been feeling more reactionary than conservative. A typical result of age? Conservatism may be just slow-moving Liberalism.

    AntiWhite Racial diversity. Massive illegal immigration. Samesex marriage. Federally mandated health plan. These seem to me to be outcomes of apparently "decent" changes in law & culture of decades ago.

    The 1965 Immigration Act. The 1964 Civil Rights Act. Social Security & Medicare. And yes, The 19th Amendment.

    All major sources, IMHO, of the current progressive tyranny focussed on race, gender and wealth.

    If there is anything like a real Historical Law, my vote goes to Unintended Consequences.

    1. Don't allow the outrageous Outrage Professionals to push you into irrationality. Think about how the Occupy Goons provoke cops into "brutalizing" them and then use video of this "brutality" to further their agenda. They do this rhetorically as well. Believe me, I know, it's tempting to respond in kind.

  2. ImmoderateRealist12:59 PM

    Current racial dogma holds that any all-white space is by nature "racist". Feminism aims to bring " gender equality" to any all-male space, aka, oppressive Old Boyz Network. Gay activists hold that the oppressive heterosexual grip on marriage (!) must be broken. And BO and friends want to make sure that the 1% have their bank accounts integrated and diversified thru transfer taxation programs.

    The idolatry of Justice as Equalization thru Rights is the common root.

    If I were Pope, I'd shut down every "Justice & Peace" operation.

    1. Again. . .it's all Gramscian Cultural Marxism. This is the stuff I bought into back in the 90's as a lit PhD student. I remember writing papers on Emily Dickinson that started with a paragraph "situating" myself in a thoroughly ideological-political identity, i.e. basically, a faux Chinese Communist "public confession" of my ideological-political sins.

  3. Been noticing the different approaches of reactionaries and revolutionaries to dealing with the Roman Church.

    Reactionary SSPX, in typically masculine fashion, is all focused on ideas, doctrine. That's the medium of dialogue.

    Revolutionary LCWR, in typically feminine fashion, is all about emotional processing and personal relationship.

    You've got the wrong ideas vs You don't see me as an equal and worthy person.

    Tough thing about stereotypes. Mostly true, which is why people take offense at them.

    1. A large part of the reaction to the cool, calculated rationalism of modernist religion is the over-emphasis on emotion, affectivity. It's a staple in contemporary seminary training. . .and we've seen the ugly results. This is why I think we need a much greater emphasis on the Church Fathers. They combine the best of rationalism, affectivity, literary genius, and preaching!