22 August 2012

Another OP homily site

Fr. Lawrence Lew, OP of the English Province posts his homilies at Releasing the Arrow.

Fr. Lew is also an excellent photographer and posts his pics at R.A. as well.

Be sure to check out the impressive new altar at one of his ministry sites, The University of Edinburgh.

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  1. Hey, I already had RSS feed subscriptions for these last two OP blogs you mentioned, which means that I hears about them somewhere on this blog.

  2. While our brother fr. Lew is a great preacher, I would've voted in favor of "Releasing the Hounds!"

    And, thanks to tumblr, this is the message I get from our firewall when I try to access the site: Forbidden Category "Adult/Mature Content"

    These nuns are TOUGH.

    1. Do you have an address for them? I can't find their site.