20 October 2011

Coffee Bowl Browsing

While the rest of the country suffers economically, gov't salaries place D.C. at the top of the heap.

The Noose of Diversity and Tolerance tightens around the Church's neck.

Looks like the adults are in charge in Greece. . .maybe they could lend the U.S. a few politicians.

What happens when we let Oprah direct the Zombie ApocalypseThe Walking Dead.

For a really brainy Zombie movie, check out Pontypool.   French post-structuralist linguistic theory has never been this creepy!

Comparison chart for various editions of the new English Missal.  Most of the illustrations are beautiful!  The Liturgical Press editions' pics leave much to be desired.  Can you say, "1973."

Some OWS protesters are a little miffed that their fellow protesters won't get off their rear-ends and help clean up.  Apparently, these Nazi Clean Freaks don't understand the psychology of the dependent class.

Rape, assault, theft, gun-toting felons, racism, riots, indecent exposure, media fraud, Trust Fund Baby freak-outs. . .yea, this is a perfectly sane political movement.

B.O. energy dept. caught editing its press releases from months ago.  Why?  To cover up its ties to yet another failed eco-trendy solar power company, SunPower. 

Costs for Public School Students vs. State Prisoners in MN. . .yea, but the prisoners don't have to suffer with teachers' unions.

Pope Vader?  No, more like Patriarch Vader of Upper East Bogsolvania.

This is what joy looks like. . .(Link deleted)

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  1. I think they must have changed the picture associated with the last link.

    Come to think of, 1.5 million unborn children killed every year for four years equal 6 million.

  2. Mr. Flap, yes, they did. It was an elephant sitting under a waterfall, grinning from ear to ear. Oh well.

  3. Pope Vader would be cool: "I find your lack of faith disturbing."

  4. The Liturgical Press artwork does leave much to be desired, but I think it's somewhat more serious than the stuff I remember from 1973 (and no, I won't go looking for that stuff to refresh my memory). Guitars remain, we might metaphorize, but not the tambourines.

  5. Here is your baby elephant:


    Wish my son liked showers so well. . .