17 October 2011

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Bipartisan support for Occupy Wall St. . .both the Communists and the Nazis give their seal of approval to the OWS!  They must be so proud.

And now B.O. is signing on to the Temper Tantrum.  How much longer 'til we can get the adults back in charge?

Leaked emails reveal that MSM "journalists" are colluding with the Occupy Wall St protesters to craft a positive media message.   So much for this being a Grassroots Uprising.

OWS video star is a Columbia Univ grad student with a trust fund.  NB.  the video is funny, but the language is NSFW.

The Pope goes mobile!

Catholics Do Not Worship Idols; Or, The Bible Does Not Forbid the Use of Images.

Speaking of "these hands were made for chalices not calluses". . .

You'll want one too. . .when the Zombies start to roam.

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  1. Coffee man2:58 PM

    Coffee Bowl Browsing!
    That sounds like a sport. hehe. They should be in the olympics. People would go mad for it

    Coffee man - Breville BES860XL