19 October 2011

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Witches vs. Zombies!  A no contest fight in my mind.

Coalition of charity and minority groups pressure the L.A. teachers' union for change.  This should be interesting.

Yet another reason to dismantle the U.N.:  the hierarchy of the Church of Global Warming caught hiding evidence of their scheming. 

The gates of hell shall not prevail:  persecution of the U.S. Church?

On docility and obedience:  how "magisterial minimalism" hardens the heart.

OWS protesters stealing from one another. . .well, how does one "steal" from another when everything belongs to everyone equally?  NB.  one protester had her $5,500 Macbook stolen!  

On the economic ignorance of those who would solve our economic problems. . .

400 allegations of sexual abuse at religious schools in the U.K. . .but it's OK b/c they are Muslim schools.  Expect wide media coverage. . .
The Arrestables at the OWS protests. . .apparently, organizers pick and choose among the protesters who will be arrested that day.  Geez, this whole thing is One Big Theater Performance.

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