22 September 2011

Prayers, please: thesis missing

The Devil is after me again. . .

I've been working feverishly this week to put the final touches on the last piece of the license process:  the Theme Outlines, i.e., 10 themes from the history of philosophy outlined in two pages each with a short bibliography.  Sounds easy!  Just two pages!  Easy-cheesy.  Yea.  Try stuffing the history of the ontological argument for the existence of God--all 12 versions--and all the criticisms of each version into two pages.  Fun, fun. . .

Anyway. . .while I am busy cruising the history of philosophy and outlining stuff, I learn from the dean of my department in Rome that the secretary's office of the university has lost all three copies of my license thesis.  Way back in June of 2010, I asked one of the brothers to hand the thing in for me b/c I needed to catch a plane and the university office was closed when I went to hand it in. 

Now, it's lost.  So. . .send those prayers to St Anthony for me!!!

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  1. I said a prayer for you to St. Anthony, St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Edith Stein (academics, as you know. I'm sure they can completely identify with that gripping fear! God Bless Father Philip, and hang in there!

  2. Gregg the Obscure10:00 AM

    Of course I am happy to pray for this need, but I also have to ask if you didn't perhaps keep a copy yourself that you could re-copy and submit.

  3. Gregg, my parents have a copy and I have one in my room in Rome. . .of course, I'm in Oxford. I do have a digital version and so does the dean. He just wants me to redo the whole copy/bind process.

  4. Oh, Father, I'll be praying for you! Hang in there.