19 September 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing

Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus admits that they'd be protesting the W.H. if B.O. weren't President.   Does make them racists?

Anti-capitalist Day of Rage was a massive fail.  Of course it was.  For all its problems, capitalism is still the best way to raise folks out of poverty and Americans know it.

Speaking of Massive Fails:  "green jobs."

Hollywood hates Mississippi.  I wrote a research paper in seminary showing that the largest number of Klansmen in the 1920's lived in NY and OH. 

Nanny State punishes couple for holding a Bible study in their home.  Yes, folks, you need a permit from Nanny to study the Bible at home.

From Canada:  ". . .the press gave the great American republic an untried, unknown and. . .incompetent figure as President."  And their professional standing has suffered thus.

Radical lefty group tries to charge the Holy Father with "crimes against humanity" in the International Criminal Court.  Yet another reason to dismantle these Globalist institutions.

No comment.  (Hey, you gonna eat those peanuts?)

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  1. FriendlyCritic2:18 PM

    Since you are a Catholic theologian of unconventional political views --a refreshing change-- I offer this observation.

    IMHO many Catholic thinkers and writers and priests and bishops and nuns (especially) seem to think that Roman doctrine on God, the Sacraments, the Church, salvation, etc is just a lot of opinion, but --leaving aside abortion-- that the "Social Teaching" is to be followed as if it fell from Sinai. Faithful dissent is practically obligatory.
    Yet their kowtowing to Catholicism's so called "Social Doctrine" is practically fundamentalist (abortion exempted).

    I have met more than one of the above to whom the divinity of Christ is discussable, but open borders and the immorality of the war in Iraq is an article of faith.

    A further observation: The Church's native expertise is unquestionably on matters dogmatic. Who else knows more about the Trinity, Incarnation, Sacraments, etc? But when it comes to making teachings telling large complex bodies like nation-states how to conduct their economies or foreign policy, I have to say that the standing of the Church is frankly that of an amateur, lacking humility. If sexual doctrine must respect natural law, why must social doctrine not respect economic law?

    For your perusal: http://mises.org/pdf//asc/2002/asc8-woods.pdf

  2. The zombie apocalpyse has started.

    It's started small, admittedly. But it's started.


  3. Friendly,

    Thanks for commenting. . .you're right on target with your observation about the inconsistencies in how priests/religious of a certain generation apply Catholic doctrine. These inconsistencies arise out of a deep confusion about the role of the Church in a largely secular society and her role in forming Catholics within the Church.

    A few of the older brothers here in Oxford marvel at what they think of as my reckless libertarianism on issue of gov't power, civil rights, etc. They simply cannot imagine a world where the gov't isn't in full control of everything...and their views on social doctrine reflect this nearly totalitarian view of gov't power, i.e. they see it as the gov't's role to carry out Matt 25.

    It is incomprehensible to them that gov't should be limited and the duties of Matt 25 be carried out by the Church alone.