22 September 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing

Brit Lefties won't understand the Tea Party.  Yup.  I can attest to that fact from personal experience.  

With the predictability of a Swiss clock:  anti-Don't Ask Don't Tell group agitates for expanded "rights" after winning the repeal of DADT.  

Another reason to dissolve the U.N.:  ". . .the fate of the peace process and of American influence in the Middle East fell to Gabon, Nigeria, and Bosnia, the way any smart, sane international assembly would want it."

$16 million for muffins?  "I know you’re angry, but don’t forget that DOJ made some extra cash this year selling AK-47s to Mexican drug cartels. Those muffins are paid for, dude."

Ironically, it's the Diversity Industry in the universities--allegedly devoted to including the disadvantaged--that's pricing the poorest out of a college education.

FBI analyst:  Islam is the problem not individual terrorist groups who happen to be Muslim.  I don't know enough about Islam to know if he's right about this.  His assertion strikes me as overly broad.

Catholic Charities in IL would lose half its funding b/c of the state law allowing same-sex couples to adopt kids.  More evidence that SSM is all about hurting the Church.

Fr. Robert Barron on the supernatural elements in Catholicsm. . .part of his new PBS series on the faith.  PBS?  Yes, PBS.  Hmmmmmm. . .

Foreign aid, the U.N., and a $16,000 a night hotel suite for the Prez of Rwanda.  NB.  which country at the U.N. has the best record for paying NYC parking fines?

When pigs fly. . .

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  1. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Correction: The story you link to describes muffins bought for $16 apiece, not $16 million worth of muffins.

  2. Duh. Thanks. I must've conflated it with the UN story about the $16,000/night hotel room. . .all those zeroes and my squirrel brain!

  3. Islam is the problem. Islam the religion is merely the vehicle for the spread of the sharia legal system, the two are intimately intertwined. That is pretty clear from the Koran. I have the version of the Koran that has the Arabic and English on facing pages published at King Fahd University.

    You can't read the Koran without coming up against the wall of legalism.

  4. Non Dhimmi7:33 PM

    Father, why does the piece on Islam strike you as "overly broad"? Islam
    is inherently both theocratic and expansionist. As well, it has not had its theological assumptions scorched in the fires of modernity, so it remains absolutely self-confident, totally unembarrassed to be the final and perfect revelation of God for all human life.

    Certain sectors of Islam may from time to time be quiescent, corruptly idle, or contained by greater force, but as a mass culture, I do not see anything amiss with the speaker's assessment.

  5. Non-D, I am generally queasy about saying things like "ALL X are Y all the time." His statements may be generally true, but he's asking folks to apply general truths to specific individuals. I'd hate to treated like a criminal b/c the IRA is Catholic. I know, I know. . .Catholicism is not inherently expansionist, etc., but try and tell that to anti-Catholic bigots who think we spend all our time in the basement worshiping the Pope and plotting the overthrow of democracy.

  6. Non Dhimmi11:35 AM

    I share your hesitation about the "All X" factor. Where humans are concerned, I have never found a rule that did not have exceptions.

    I do not think the speaker is requiring us to see every Muslim as a terrorist. They clearly are not. But he was speaking of the religious ideology of Islam, it internal dynamic and structure.
    John Quincy Adams and GK Chesterton both understood it pretty well, I think.

    (And Catholicism btw is "expansionist", in that it is missionary. But unlike Islam does not carry with it, inherently, a specific theocratic and territorial social order to be imposed on all.)

    As shorthand, I see Islam as a combination of parts of its Christian and Jewish parents: the tribal legalism of Judaism and the univeralists expansionism of Christianity. It's a powerful combo.

    Just one more point. Many Muslims are not interested in its expansion and you may meet fine individuals, but ask yourself what happens in countries when the Muslim population reaches certain demographic benchmarks. Then it is the group and its leaders who dominate and very few Muslims will actively oppose it.

    And best of luck with finding your theses. Crazymaking, that stuff.

  7. Anonymous11:17 PM

    As if you don't have enough troubles with your lost documents and all, I ran across these words from a site called DomLife, on the "Justice" page.

    "Dominicans see the significance of the New Cosmology as the critical lens from which all preaching needs to flow and all justice action should emerge. It is for this reason that our work for justice and peace is situated within the context of care of creation."

    I have to admit, Father, that I got a good laugh out of that. Is that what used to be called "delectatio morosa?"

  8. Anon @ 5.17: The ONLY Dominicans I know who take that new cosmology nonsense seriously are some of the US sisters--NOT the nuns, mind you. . .the sisters. 90% of the friars don't take it seriously. The nuns don't. The laity don't. Just some of the sisters. Sad.

  9. I don't even know what "the new cosmology" is. Oh, maybe that's a good thing!

  10. Bango,

    "New Cosmology" = excuse used by 70's dinosaurs to import tired neo-pagan gnosticism into Catholic doctrine.

    They dress it up with new fangled terms from physics, but it's just Lucretis all over again.