18 September 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing

UnGoodThink in the U.K.  30,000 kids a year labeled "racist" and "homophobic."  I say tattoo the little snots so we'll all feel safer. . .oh, and let's make sure that their kids get tattooed as well. . .ya never know, UnGoodThink could be genetic.

Latest Stab to the Heart of Anglicanism:  canon of Church of Ireland cathedral enters civil union with his boyfriend.

Cabbies in NYC have the right to refuse racy ads. . .Good.  Would they have won this right had they been Christian? 

The federal gov't has a higher standard for what counts as a Catholic university than the bishops do!

Must remember this. . .might need it one day.

Local police conduct a physics experiment.  Result?  Two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time. . .even with the sirens going.

Hey!  Don't toss that fan. . .I can use it.

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  1. As always, Father, I enjoy your links!

  2. The ban on praying in the streets, aimed at Muslims, will also have to ban Corpus Christi processions and the Orthodox Easter procession in order to honor "egalite".

    One more example of the bind that Western democracies get themselves into trying to solve yet another minority problem, and in the process erasing its own culture...