27 September 2011

License Update. . .

License News. . .

The 20 page "themes schema" is done and sent.  The T.S. is a collection of 2 page outlines/biblio of 10 themes assigned according to your section (anthropology, history, Aquinas).  The hard part of me was keeping the outlines/biblio to just 2 pages each.

Also, got the Lost Thesis recopied, rebound, and shipped to Rome.  Only cost me $80!   Still wondering why my lost thesis is my problem given that I didn't lose it. . .

Speaking of Rome. . .my flight back to the Eternal City leaves Saturday.  License exams, etc. take place Sat., Oct 7th.  Keep us in prayer, please. 

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1 comment:

  1. Gregg the Obscure11:01 AM

    October 7 is an auspicious date with Lepanto and all, but it isn't a Saturday this year. You may want to clarify the schedule. Just sayin'