18 January 2011

Parish Life so far. . .

So far, so great!

My current assignment as parochial vicar at St. Joseph's Church marks the first time I have served in a regular parish.  I started my priesthood as a campus minister and from there moved to Rome to live in the Contemplative Clouds of the Academic Ivory Tower.  Though I've only been on the job for two days, I can say, "I love it."

I was enthusiastically welcomed by the folks here.  Our pastor, Fr. John Dominic, mentioned at Mass that I love fried chicken and cornbread.  When he and I returned to the rectory after the 5pm Mass on Sunday, a parishioner was waiting for us in the driveway with a plate of fried chicken and cornbread!  News travels fast in a small town parish.  Oh, and both chicken and cornbread were delicious. . .

So far, Fr. John has asked me to introduce the parish to the new, corrected translation of the Roman Missal. . .a job suited to an old English teacher, right?  I am hoping to offer some adult faith formation classes and start a reading group.  The parish has a large LifeTeen group and a school, so there will be opportunities there for some teaching as well.  

Now, how do I convince the parish cooks that my doctor will explode if I gain 15 lbs while I am here?  :-)

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  1. Father, if you'd like to start a parish men's group, the Men of St. Joseph would be happy to have a group at St. Joseph parish. We are here: www.menofstjoseph.com.

  2. Forget the chicken and cornbread. I think you need to ask your new parishioners for a brand new, industrial size, coffee machine. Miss my coffee bowl browsing!!!

    Glad you have had such a nice reception and I will keep you in my prayers.

  3. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Tell them. While I was visiting over Christmas, one of the Chicago papers (prob the Trib) had a feature on a Catholic priest who had lost a large amount of weight. He told the whole parish his need to lose weight and asked for their help.

    People (mostly women I say) are always going to compete to stuff the priest. You'll just have them competing with healthy tasty meals. Ask for recipes too.


  4. Steve Dixon7:11 PM

    If you really like parish work, I know a certain parish in the southern portion of the Fort Worth Diocese that could use your help. :) I have been asked to lead the team introducing/preparing our parish for the new translation, also.
    Please share any tips that you can. Thanks and God's Blessings,
    Steve D. OP

  5. GirlCanChant7:53 PM

    This reminds me of a story from Cardinal Foley. (My last parish was his first assignment as a priest.) He said that when his mother saw him after he had been at the parish for a while, she said, "Jack, there's 15 pounds here that weren't ordained!"

    This is not a new problem, by any means.